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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark d885a58   5 years Thierry Delisle Added 3 control benchmarks to ctx-switch
CodeGen 450805a   5 years Rob Schluntz Add codegen for variable with qualified type
CodeTools a16764a6   6 years Thierry Delisle Changed warning system to prepare for toggling warnings
Common c194661   5 years Rob Schluntz Reorganize QualifiedType? node
Concurrency 88d955f   5 years Rob Schluntz Update concurrency keywords to ignore forward declarations
ControlStruct ee3c93d   5 years Rob Schluntz Add support for while loops with control declarations
Docs 843054c2   8 years pabuhr licencing: seventh groups of files
driver 157d094   5 years pabuhr change from -std=gnu99 to -std=gnu11 for gcc
examples af0c8da   6 years pabuhr move polymorphic sum to tests directory
GenPoly 85b2300   5 years Rob Schluntz Minor code cleanup
include be151bf   6 years Rob Schluntz Minor cleanup in InsertImplicitCalls? and augment assert in …
InitTweak 589a70b   5 years Rob Schluntz Minor cleanup
libcfa 57fc7d8   5 years pabuhr use more distribution of qualifiers
Parser 284da8c   5 years pabuhr cleanup, fix distribution order, add generic …
prelude 1d386a7   5 years Thierry Delisle Prelude is now generated
ResolvExpr c5283ba   5 years Thierry Delisle Fixed #94, properly list the number of expected mutex parameter
SymTab a12c81f3   5 years Rob Schluntz Replace qualified types with the actual type
SynTree 0b3b2ae   5 years Rob Schluntz Minor code cleanup
tests 49e1275   5 years Rob Schluntz Add test cases for nested types
Tuples 753bf60   5 years Rob Schluntz Resolve RHS tuple assignment alternative with cast to include missing …
Virtual 08fc48f   6 years Thierry Delisle Big header cleaning pass - commit 1 19.8 KB af84a35   5 years pabuhr abort after backtrace when cfa-cpp segment faults 1.5 KB 4e9c7c1   6 years Thierry Delisle Update lex.ll to no longer require, since it has name … 300.2 KB c9d5c4f   5 years Rob Schluntz fix missing compile for 5.0 KB ba3706f   6 years Rob Schluntz Remove label lists from various Statement constructors
MakeLibCfa.h 686 bytes 6b0b624   6 years pabuhr change #ifndef to #pragma once
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