source: src/tests/.expect/scopeErrors.txt @ 436c0de

Last change on this file since 436c0de was 4e9151f, checked in by Thierry Delisle <tdelisle@…>, 5 years ago
  • Fixed tests to no longer use make errors, pipeing CC errors directly instead
  • Tests now use the number of cores as the number of jobs if jobserver is not defined
  • Tests now support both jobserver-fds and and jobserver-auth as the file descriptor variables
  • Tests now limit the number of concurrent jobs to the total number of tests
  • Tests now ignore whitespaces and blank lines when comparing diffs
  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 274 bytes
1scopeErrors.c:2 error: duplicate object definition for thisIsAnError: signed int
2scopeErrors.c:20 error: duplicate function definition for butThisIsAnError: function
3  with parameters
4    double
5  returning
6    _retval_butThisIsAnError: double
7  with body
8    CompoundStmt
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