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added tests for polymorphic tuples and cast on tuples, updated a couple of other tests

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1Before declaration of b1
2constructing int
3constructing int
4constructing int
5constructing int
6constructing int
7constructing int
8begin construct B
9assign b->a2
10constructing int
11constructing int
12begin construct A
13construct a->x
14constructing int: 1001
15assign a->y
16assigning int: 0 0
17end construct A
18construct b->a1
19constructing int
20constructing int
21begin construct A
22construct a->x
23constructing int: 1000
24assign a->y
25assigning int: 0 0
26end construct A
27end construct B
28destructing int: 0
29destructing int: 0
30destructing int: 1001
31Before declaration of b2
32copy constructing int: 0
33copy constructing int: 0
34begin copy construct A
35copy construct this->x
36copy constructing int: 1000
37assign this->y
38end copy construct A
39copy constructing int: 0
40copy constructing int: 0
41begin copy construct A
42copy construct this->x
43copy constructing int: 1001
44assign this->y
45end copy construct A
46copy constructing int: 0
47copy constructing int: 0
48begin copy construct A
49copy construct this->x
50copy constructing int: 0
51assign this->y
52end copy construct A
53End of main
54constructing int
55constructing int
56begin construct A
57construct a->x
58constructing int: 999
59assign a->y
60assigning int: 0 0
61end construct A
62destructing int: 0
63destructing int: 0
64destructing int: 1000
65destructing int: 0
66destructing int: 0
67destructing int: 999
68destructing int: 0
69destructing int: 0
70destructing int: 0
71destructing int: 0
72destructing int: 0
73destructing int: 999
74constructing int
75constructing int
76begin construct A
77construct a->x
78constructing int: 999
79assign a->y
80assigning int: 0 0
81end construct A
82destructing int: 0
83destructing int: 0
84destructing int: 1000
85destructing int: 0
86destructing int: 0
87destructing int: 999
88destructing int: 0
89destructing int: 0
90destructing int: 0
91destructing int: 0
92destructing int: 0
93destructing int: 999
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