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code generation for external asm statement (declaration)

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2// Cforall Version 1.0.0 Copyright (C) 2015 University of Waterloo
4// The contents of this file are covered under the licence agreement in the
5// file "LICENCE" distributed with Cforall.
[71f4e4f]7// SynTree.h --
9// Author           : Richard C. Bilson
10// Created On       : Mon May 18 07:44:20 2015
[4e06c1e]11// Last Modified By : Peter A. Buhr
[e994912]12// Last Modified On : Thu Feb  9 14:23:49 2017
13// Update Count     : 8
16#ifndef SYNTREE_H
17#define SYNTREE_H
19#include <string>
20#include <list>
21#include <map>
22#include <iostream>
24class Declaration;
25class DeclarationWithType;
26class ObjectDecl;
27class FunctionDecl;
28class AggregateDecl;
29class StructDecl;
30class UnionDecl;
31class EnumDecl;
[4040425]32class TraitDecl;
[51b7345]33class NamedTypeDecl;
34class TypeDecl;
35class FtypeDecl;
36class DtypeDecl;
37class TypedefDecl;
[e994912]38class AsmDecl;
40class Statement;
41class CompoundStmt;
42class ExprStmt;
[7f5566b]43class AsmStmt;
[51b7345]44class IfStmt;
45class WhileStmt;
46class ForStmt;
47class SwitchStmt;
48class CaseStmt;
49class BranchStmt;
50class ReturnStmt;
51class TryStmt;
52class CatchStmt;
53class FinallyStmt;
54class NullStmt;
55class DeclStmt;
56class NullStmt;
[f1b1e4c]57class ImplicitCtorDtorStmt;
59class Expression;
60class ApplicationExpr;
61class UntypedExpr;
62class NameExpr;
63class AddressExpr;
64class LabelAddressExpr;
65class CastExpr;
66class MemberExpr;
67class UntypedMemberExpr;
68class VariableExpr;
69class ConstantExpr;
70class SizeofExpr;
[47534159]71class AlignofExpr;
[2a4b088]72class UntypedOffsetofExpr;
[25a054f]73class OffsetofExpr;
[afc1045]74class OffsetPackExpr;
[51b7345]75class AttrExpr;
76class LogicalExpr;
77class ConditionalExpr;
78class CommaExpr;
79class TypeExpr;
[7f5566b]80class AsmExpr;
[db4ecc5]81class ImplicitCopyCtorExpr;
[b6fe7e6]82class ConstructorExpr;
[630a82a]83class CompoundLiteralExpr;
[b6fe7e6]84class UntypedValofExpr;
[8688ce1]85class RangeExpr;
[907eccb]86class UntypedTupleExpr;
[6eb8948]87class TupleExpr;
[3b58d91]88class TupleIndexExpr;
89class MemberTupleExpr;
[6eb8948]90class TupleAssignExpr;
91class StmtExpr;
[3c13c03]92class UniqueExpr;
94class Type;
95class VoidType;
96class BasicType;
97class PointerType;
98class ArrayType;
99class FunctionType;
100class ReferenceToType;
101class StructInstType;
102class UnionInstType;
103class EnumInstType;
[4040425]104class TraitInstType;
[51b7345]105class TypeInstType;
106class TupleType;
107class TypeofType;
108class AttrType;
[44b7088]109class VarArgsType;
[89e6ffc]110class ZeroType;
111class OneType;
113class Initializer;
114class SingleInit;
115class ListInit;
[71f4e4f]116class ConstructorInit;
118class Subrange;
120//template <class T>    // emulate a union with templates?
121class Constant;
[0f8e4ac]123// typedef std::string Label;
124class Label;
[51b7345]125typedef unsigned int UniqueId;
127class TypeSubstitution;
[7baed7d]129// gcc attribute
130class Attribute;
[0dd3a2f]132#endif // SYNTREE_H
[0dd3a2f]134// Local Variables: //
135// tab-width: 4 //
136// mode: c++ //
137// compile-command: "make install" //
138// End: //
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