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Updated the virtual module to prefix the names with the new convention and change the parent_vtable into type_info.

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2// Cforall Version 1.0.0 Copyright (C) 2016 University of Waterloo
4// The contents of this file are covered under the licence agreement in the
5// file "LICENCE" distributed with Cforall.
7// virtual.h -- Builtins for hierarchy objects.
9// Author           : Andrew Beach
10// Created On       : Tus Jul 11 15:08:00 2017
11// Last Modified By : Andrew Beach
[8f910430]12// Last Modified On : Mon May 17 11:03:00 2021
13// Update Count     : 2
16#pragma once
[0cf5b79]18#ifdef __cforall
[a5f0529]19extern "C" {
[8f910430]22// Information on a type for the virtual system.
23// There should be exactly one instance per type and there should be a
24// pointer to it at the head of every virtual table.
25struct __cfavir_type_info {
26        // Type id of parent type, null if this is a root type.
27    struct __cfavir_type_info const * const parent;
[8f910430]30// A pointer to type information acts as the type id.
31typedef struct __cfavir_type_info const * __cfavir_type_id;
33// Takes in two non-null type ids.
34int __cfavir_is_parent(
35                __cfavir_type_id parent, __cfavir_type_id child );
37// If parent is a parent of child then return child, otherwise return NULL.
38// Input pointers are none-null, child's first level should be an object with
39// a vtable
[8f910430]40void * __cfavir_virtual_cast(
41                __cfavir_type_id parent, __cfavir_type_id const * child );
[0cf5b79]43#ifdef __cforall
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