source: libcfa/prelude/extras.regx @ fb64e86

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allow pattern for extra function declarations to span multiple lines

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File size: 519 bytes
1typedef.* size_t;
2typedef.* ptrdiff_t;
3typedef.* intptr_t;
4typedef.* uintptr_t;
5typedef.* __int8_t;
6typedef.* __int16_t;
7typedef.* __int32_t;
8typedef.* __int64_t;
9typedef.* __uint8_t;
10typedef.* __uint16_t;
11typedef.* __uint32_t;
12typedef.* __uint64_t;
13typedef.* int8_t;
14typedef.* int16_t;
15typedef.* int32_t;
16typedef.* int64_t;
17typedef.* uint8_t;
18typedef.* uint16_t;
19typedef.* uint32_t;
20typedef.* uint64_t;
21typedef.* __uint_least16_t;
22typedef.* __uint_least32_t;
23typedef.* char16_t;
24typedef.* char32_t;
25typedef.* wchar_t;
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