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2\todo{A proper intro}
4The C programming language~\cite{C11}
6The \CFA programming language~\cite{cfa:frontpage,cfa:typesystem} extends the C programming language by adding modern safety and productivity features, while maintaining backwards compatibility. Among its productivity features, \CFA supports user-level threading~\cite{Delisle21} allowing programmers to write modern concurrent and parallel programs.
7My previous master's thesis on concurrent in \CFA focused on features and interfaces.
8This Ph.D.\ thesis focuses on performance, introducing \glsxtrshort{api} changes only when required by performance considerations. Specifically, this work concentrates on scheduling and \glsxtrshort{io}. Prior to this work, the \CFA runtime used a strict \glsxtrshort{fifo} \gls{rQ} and  no non-blocking I/O capabilities at the user-thread level.
10As a research project, this work builds exclusively on newer versions of the Linux operating-system and gcc/clang compilers. While \CFA is released, supporting older versions of Linux ($<$~Ubuntu 16.04) and gcc/clang compilers ($<$~gcc 6.0) is not a goal of this work.
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