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Moved phd code for the readQ prototype to it's own folder

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2taskset -c 24-31 ./a.out -t  1 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
3taskset -c 24-31 ./a.out -t  2 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
4taskset -c 24-31 ./a.out -t  4 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
5taskset -c 24-31 ./a.out -t  8 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
6taskset -c 16-31 ./a.out -t 16 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
7taskset -c  0-31 ./a.out -t 32 -b churn | grep --color -E "(ns|Ops|Running)"
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