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[fe84230]1\input{common}                                          % bespoke macros used in the document
[b0fedd4]4% \CFADefaultStyle
[27dde72]6% \lstset{
7% morekeywords=[2]{nomutex,mutex,thread,wait,wait_release,signal,signal_block,accept,monitor,suspend,resume,coroutine},
8% keywordstyle=[2]\color{blue},                         % second set of keywords for concurency
9% basicstyle=\linespread{0.9}\tt\small,         % reduce line spacing and use typewriter font
10% stringstyle=\sf\color{Mahogany},                      % use sanserif font
11% commentstyle=\itshape\color{OliveGreen},              % green and italic comments
12% }%
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