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Lynn's GDB essay

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1# SE499
2## How to use the extension
3* Compile utils-gdb.cpp
4* Ensure is in the same folder as the object file of utils.cpp
5* Run Makefile with -single flag if it's uniprocessor and with -multi if it's
6  multiprocessor
7    Ex: `make multi`
8* Run `gdb ./utils`
9* Verify that the python extension was properly loaded `info auto-load`. The
10  command should indicate the extension was loaded as a script
11* Run the program and call any of the commands as wish
13Or simplier solution:
14* Run gdb and then call command `source`
16## List of commands
17* clusters
18* processors <cluster_name>
19* task
20* task <cluster_name>
21* task <task_address>
22* task <task_name>
23* task <cluster_name> <task_id>
24* poptask
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