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[a954e32]1_Phase 1_ : Prototype
[bd98b58]2done - Threads.
3done - Main thread is a cfa thread.
4done - SimpleBlockingLock.
5done - Synchronisation points in thread destructors.
[2cdf6dc]6done - Processors & SpinLock.
8_Phase 2_ : Minimum Viable Product
[9243cc91]9done - Monitor type and enter/leave mutex member routines
[3743983]10done - Multi monitors calls,
11done - Monitors as a language feature (not calling enter/leave by hand)
13_Phase 3_ : Monitor features
[2cdf6dc]14Internal scheduling
[f32a013]15External scheduling
[f32a013]17_Phase 4_ : Kernel features
[2cdf6dc]19Detach thread
20Cluster migration
22_Phase 5_ : Performance
23Proper scheduler
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