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1%    Predefined journal names:
2%  acmcs: Computing Surveys             acta: Acta Infomatica
3%  cacm: Communications of the ACM
4%  ibmjrd: IBM J. Research & Development ibmsj: IBM Systems Journal
5%  ieeese: IEEE Trans. on Soft. Eng.    ieeetc: IEEE Trans. on Computers
6%  ieeetcad: IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
7%  ipl: Information Processing Letters  jacm: Journal of the ACM
8%  jcss: J. Computer & System Sciences  scp: Science of Comp. Programming
9%  sicomp: SIAM J. on Computing         tocs: ACM Trans. on Comp. Systems
10%  tods: ACM Trans. on Database Sys.    tog: ACM Trans. on Graphics
11%  toms: ACM Trans. on Math. Software   toois: ACM Trans. on Office Info. Sys.
12%  toplas: ACM Trans. on Prog. Lang. & Sys.
13%  tcs: Theoretical Computer Science
14@string{ieeepds="IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems"}
15@string{ieeese="IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering"}
16@string{spe="Software---\-Practice and Experience"}
17@string{sigplan="SIGPLAN Notices"}
18@string{joop="Journal of Object-Oriented Programming"}
19@string{popl="Conference Record of the ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages"}
20@string{osr="Operating Systems Review"}
21@string{pldi="Programming Language Design and Implementation"}
25        keywords        = {Parallel, Productivity},
26        author  = {Lorin Hochstein and Jeff Carver and Forrest Shull and Sima Asgari and Victor Basili and Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth and Marvin V. Zelkowitz },
27        title   = {Parallel Programmer Productivity: A Case Study of Novice Parallel Programmers},
31        keywords        = {Chicken},
32        author  = {Doug Zongker},
33        title           = {Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken},
34        year            = 2006
38        keywords        = {Intel, TBB},
39        title   = {Intel Thread Building Blocks},
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