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[604e76d]1# set terminal pdfcairo linewidth 3 size 6,3
2# set output "timing.pdf"
3set terminal pslatex size 6.25,2.125 color solid
[5ff188f]4set output Build."timing.tex"
6set pointsize 2.0
7set grid linetype 0
8set style data histogram
9set style histogram cluster gap 2
10set style fill solid border -1
11set offset -0.5,-0.35
12set boxwidth 0.8
14set key top left reverse Left
16set style fill solid noborder
17set linetype 1 lc rgb 'black'
18set linetype 2 lc rgb 'red'
19set linetype 3 lc rgb 'blue'
20set linetype 4 lc rgb 'green'
23set ylabel "seconds"
[29db723]24set yrange [0:10]
26set label "26.5" at 7.125,10.5
28# set datafile separator ","
29plot for [COL=2:5] 'evaluation/timing.dat' using (column(COL)/SCALE):xticlabels(1) title columnheader
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