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1% README.TXT for WileyNJD-v2.cls
2% Version 2.0 released 22 September 2017
4% This software may only be used to prepare an article for publication in the
5% Wiley NJD journals
6% to be published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
7% Any other use constitutes an infringement of copyright.
9% The release consists of the following files:
11%   README.TXT   this file
12%   WileyNJD-v2.cls  the LaTeX2e class file
13%   NJDnatbib.sty --> NJD natbib reference package.
14%   Stix-Fonts (folder) -->   Stix font files
15%   Execute(double click) --> Windows-Stix-fontinstaller.exe from Stix-Fonts folder (This EXE file will install fonts to local drive)
16%   Still shows font error, please do the following
17%   Start-->run--> type "mo_edmin.exe" and press enter
18%   Press -->Refresh FNDB button--> press close button.
19%   wileyNJD-Doc.tex   authors' instructions
20%   wileyNJD-Doc.pdf   authors' instructions in PDF format
22% Typeset wileyNJD-Doc.tex for instructions and examples, or view the PDF.
24% Simply place WileyNJD-v2.cls, NJDnatbib.sty, wileyNJD-AMA.bst and wileyNJD-Doc.tex in your systems usual directories
25% and typeset using your LaTeX2e command.
29% *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
30% When you submit your paper, please use the "doublespace" option
31% in the documentclass line which will double-space your document
32% and make the task of reviewing much simpler.
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