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[51b7345]1cfa-cc: The Cforall->C Compiler System
[b87a5ed]4Cforall is built using GNU Make and the GNU Autoconf system.  It also requires
[6244dfb]5g++ version 4, bison and flex.  On systems where GNU Make is the default make
[b87a5ed]6it may suffice to build the system by entering the commands
8        ./configure
9        make
10        make install
12Options for 'configure'
[b87a5ed]14The script 'configure' accepts many command line arguments.  Run './configure
15--help' to see a list of all of them.  This document attempts to summarize the
16most useful arguments.
[b87a5ed]18--prefix=/some/directory controls the path prefix common to all installed
[6244dfb]19  cfa-cc components.  Some components will be installed in /some/directory/bin,
20  others in /some/directory/lib.  If unspecified, this defaults to /usr/local.
[261fd34]21  If you wish to use (a subdirectory of) your home directory, ${HOME}/some/dir
22  works, but it is important not to put quotes around the directory path;
23  Cforall may appear to build, but the installed version may not work properly.
[6244dfb]25--with-backend-compiler=PROGRAM specifies the installed path of gcc.  It
26  defaults to the first command named 'gcc' in the current PATH.
[b87a5ed]28cfa-cc itself is built with the version of g++ specified by the environment
29variable CXX.  If CXX is unset, cfa-cc is built using the first command named
30'g++' in the current PATH.
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