1. Andrew MMath: Removed (updated one) the remaining \todo items. (details)
  2. String bug fixes and new tests. (details)
Commit 6aa84e084b48dcf666a33d982e713b31e37674ce by ajbeach
Andrew MMath: Removed (updated one) the remaining \todo items.
The file was modifieddoc/theses/andrew_beach_MMath/implement.tex
The file was modifieddoc/theses/andrew_beach_MMath/intro.tex
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Commit 6cc87c0c8c3470f60ca93a524803cf323c2dbf05 by mlbrooks
String bug fixes and new tests.

Enabled white-box visibility (DEBUG_ functions) into the string representation for heap-oriented tests.

- newly testable, now with the DEBUG_ visibility, but was basically already working

- new check for bug fixed here, where an append that triggers a compaction left substrings with dangling pointers
to the old text-pad range; fix is how string_res/assign now sequences growth-pushing operations before grabbing
pointers into the ranges of the old-version

- new broad check a few of whose cases are fixed here; fixes are the adjustments to the case priorities and
edge-case classifications in string_res/assign "adjust all substring string and handle locations" section
The file was modifiedlibcfa/src/containers/
The file was addedtests/collections/.expect/string-overwrite.txt
The file was addedtests/collections/.expect/string-gc.txt
The file was addedtests/collections/
The file was modifiedlibcfa/src/containers/string_res.hfa
The file was addedtests/collections/