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Build #1837 (Aug 29, 2021, 10:47:00 PM)

  1. Copied out and reverted changes to thesis. (details)
  2. Andrew MMath: Fixes in the conclusion and main body. Used Peter's infroduction feedback; which was never wrong in the first place. (details)
  3. Andrew MMath: Used Peter's feedback for the existing chapter. (details)
  4. Andrew MMath: Added in Peter's feedback to the feature's chapter. (details)
  5. Andrew MMath: Updated features to include the new exception syntax. (details)
  6. Saved and reverted another set of Peter's changes. (details)
  7. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's changes to conclusion. (details)
  8. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's feedback on the Future Work chapter. (details)
  9. Andrew MMath: Folded in Peter's updates to the implement chapter. (details)
  10. Andrew MMath: Added implementation notes for the new virtual and exception syntax. (details)
  11. small changes and hopefully fixed build (details)
  12. Andrew MMath: Updated performance chapter, using Peter's feedback and discussion. (details)
  13. Andrew MMath: Fix \input to point at the new file name (file renamed a while ago). (details)
  14. Hopefully removing -f means I'll never have to recover from that again. (details)

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