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  1. Tentative support for distcc in cforall, right now nothing works because (detail)
  2. libcfa now properly supports building with --enable-distcc (detail)
  3. All tests pass with distributed compilation (detail)
  4. Tests almost work, the only issue left is using -E and -CFA together (detail)
  5. Fixed incorrect merge (detail)
  6. Added comments (detail)
  7. Fixed small merge problems (detail)
  8. Fixed ordering issue in (detail)
  9. Fixed gitignore which was ignoring tools/build and added missing distcc (detail)
  10. Fixed git hash in python script with dry-run enabled (detail)
  11. Fixed distribution dependencies (detail)
  12. Fixed compilation of tests that don't produce an executable (detail)
  13. Some clean up and comments (detail)
  14. Clean up test make file and add autodetection of number of hosts by (detail)

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